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Nevada postseason: Top 2017 Class RB Prospects

2016 has been a great year for Nevada running back in college football with as San Diego State's Donnel Pumphrey went for 2133-yards and 17-touchdown as a senior to overtake Ron Dayne as college football all-time leading rusher.

Pumphrey saw high school teammate Malik Brown also top 1000-yards for Southern Utah with Centennial’s Jacobi Owens is capping off a stellar career at Air Force next week that included two 1000-yard rushing seasons.

Next year a new group of player will look to join a host of other Nevada running backs in college that will be looking to make their mark.

Biaggio Ali-Walsh Bishop Gorman 5’11 185

138 car 1462 yards 10.5 avg 22 tds (2 rec 33 yds 0 tds)

Career: 391 car 4499 yards 11.5 avg 55 tds (11 rec 224 yds 3 tds)

A blazer that can get from point A to point B, Ali-Walsh has shown himself to be a patient runner that does a good job reading his blocks to locate open space. A one-cut back, he attacks the hole as a runner with rare acceleration and smooth change of direction. He has the speed to make plays on the edge and the hands to be a threat in the passing game as a receiver.

Committed to the Cal Bears, Ali-Walsh has the skill set to make an instant impact in college as he continues to develop on the field.

Isaiah Morris Desert Pines 5’7 155

183 car 1816 yards 9.9 avg 24 tds (7 rec 118 yds 1 td)

Career: 463 car 4781 yards 10.3 avg 60 tds (25 rec 695 yds 7 tds)

A highly productive three year starter, Morris showcased excellent playmaking skill as a runner and receiver. He has great acceleration and has the feet to make defenders miss in the openfield. A skilled return man that is also dangerous in the slot, Morris is a versatile offensive weapon.

Exploring his options, Morris received early offers from UNLV, Hawaii, Nevada and Eastern Washington.

Tre Bussey Reed 5’11 190

183 car 1635 yards 8.9 avg 27 tds (2 rec 18 yds 0 tds)

Career: 333 car 2890 yards 8.7 avg 43 tds

A power back, Bussey is a player with burst that does a great job running behind his pads. He has the ability to break arm tackles along with good change of direction along with the very solid speed.

Bussey also brings value as a strong safety prospect with strong tackling skill the ability to deliver heavy hits. He logged 56 tackles and 2 sacks as an inside linebacker but he brings to speed to play in space.

Bussey has small school options but could see some FBS or FCS options open late.

Other Running Backs to Watch

Samuel Turner Legacy 5’9 185

232 car 1934 yds 8.3 avg 24 tds (2 rec 58 yds 1 td)

Career: 249 car 2147 yards 8.7 avg 27 tds

Nevada’s leading rusher this season, Turner is a ram between the tackles with impressive lower body power and physicality as a runner. He has good vision in traffic with the ability break tackles and power for early yards. He displays good speed and rarely goes down on first contact.

Turner also fits as a D2 or NAIA prospect but can also plays at the FCS level as well.

Cameron Sandoval Damonte Ranch 5’9 165

180 car 1440 yds 8.0 avg 16 tds (33 rec 521 yds 6 tds)

Career: 363 car 2673 yards 7.4 avg 33 tds (50 car 781 yds 7 tds)

A darter, Sandoval is explosive in the openfield with great skill as a pass catcher and a runner with the ability to create in the openfield. He does a great job avoiding big hits with great vision and quickness that allows him to make plays in several facets of the game.

Holding an offer from Adams State, Sandoval will have options to take his skill on to the next level in the future.

Christian Marshall Faith Lutheran 5’9 180

139 car 1062 yds 7.6 avg 10 tds (13 rec 111 yds 0 tds)

Career: 428 car 3253 yards 7.6 avg 45 tds (51 rec 729 yards 5 tds)

Slated to play lacrosse at the Air Force Academy, Marshall is a great athlete at the running back position that has great feet. A pick and slide runner, he has soft hands and the ability to also make plays in space. With good burst and lower body strength, he has the skills to also be a productive football player in college as well.

Keikio Misipeka Silverado 5’8 175

212 car 1601 yds 7.5 avg 20 tds (4 rec 36 yds 0 tds)

Career: 323 car 2127 yards 6.5 avg 30 tds (9 rec 82 yds 0 tds)

A transfer from Hawaii last season, Mesipeka went from solid junior to great senior. A hard runner built low to the ground, he is a tough player to tackle with a very physical running style along with great pad level. With improved patience and hole recognition, he proved to be more effective gaining positive yards down for down with the ability to attack the defense with burst.

Well coached, Misipeka has the skill set to produce in the right system.

Tyree Riley Cimarron 5’10 185

176 car 1091 yds 6.2 avg 6 tds

Career: 408 car 2530 yards 6.2 avg 12 tds

A tough and disciplined player at running back with good speed. He has the skill to be an effective player out of the backfield with good vision and great feet as a runner. With good physicality, he has the ability to break tackles at the second level and quickness to gain yards in chunks.

A well built and pure running back, Riley should be able to find a four year home to continue to develop.

Malik Lindsey Shadow Ridge 6’2 200

182 car 1239 yds 6.8 avg 10 tds (4 rec 65 yds 1 td)

An I-back styled prospect or option full back, Lindsey is best between the tackle getting good initial momentum while being tough to bring down on the second level. He has good speed and a great frame with room to add muscle while also showing good blocking kill.

Lindsey also has the ability to develop as a linebacker or a fullback as well projecting as a D2 or NAIA prospect.

Cade Vercellotti Churchill County 5’11 200

231 car 1597 yds 6.9 avg 23 tds (3 rec 41 yds 1 td)

Career: 412 car 2747 yards 6.7 avg 42 tds (26 rec 339 yds 5 tds)

A disciplined power back, Vercellotti is a physical player that uses good angles and proper depth to consistently produce out of the backfield. He does a good job getting to the second level as a backs and is a tough player that can take a high volume of carries.

Also a defensive standout, he has the skill to develop as either a linebacker or a full back as well as a small school prospect.

Ricardo Hill Bonanza 5’11 185

144 car 1079 yds 7.4 avg 10 tds (9 rec 136 yds 1 td)

A high effort back, Hill is a tough runner with very solid speed and shiftiness in the open field. He has good balance with the ability to absorb contact and has good hands as a pass catcher as well.